Grandson of migrant workers and son to an army veteran and civil service worker, I was born in Laredo, Texas before my family relocated to San Antonio at the age of 8 years of age. Growing up on both the Southside of San Antonio and then the West Side, I graduated from John Jay High School in 1989.

Both my parents had an entrepreneurial spirit throughout my youth and I was privileged to have seen my fathers sign company flourish while my mothers child care business grew exponentially. My father and mother, because of their love for the community, both volunteered as a true Santa Claus for community centers and retirement homes while my mother volunteered as a crossing guard for the Timberwilde community in District 6.

When we lost my mother in 2013, in efforts to help cope with the loss, we began Papa’s Burgers on Old Hwy 90. My entire background has always been in the service industry so having the opportunity to begin our own place, it was truly the American dream. The community we served quickly embraced us and the West Side of district 6 helped us in growing and being recognized as one of the Best Burgers in San Antonio. Whether it was our neighbors or the military community we serviced, we have been honored to have served community leaders, city leaders, schools, police officers, fire department personnel, city employees and government agencies.

My experiences have given me an insight that directly impacts District 6 and its constituents.